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Jubilee edition of the WISNIOWSKI NEWS magazine on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company.

Wiśniowski okładka czarna i rozkładówka


A unique edition of the WISNIOWSKI magazine on the occasion of the jubilee, which strengthens WISNIOWSKI’s image among clients and business partners as a modern and developing company.

rozkładówka z tekstem


A 100-page magazine with a modern graphic design and content that does not focus on the past, but by analyzing previous achievements shows how intense and continuous the development process of the company is.

Wiśniowski rozkładówka digitalizacja branży budowlanej


A comprehensive, visually attractive magazine with expressive photos, which is interesting reading for both customers and business partners of the company. The new layout and various thematic areas show the scale of WISNIOWSKI’s operations. The magazine has gained recognition among the client’s business partners showing a dynamic and logical plan on how to successively develop business, as well as a source of knowledge about trends, sales and modern solutions.

  • Client:

    • Wisniowski
  • Sector:

    • construction industry
  • Services:

    • Design
    • Editing and proof reading
    • Key Visual
    • Promotion
ilustracja - nadgryzione czarne ciasteczko z okruszkami, w środku napis skivak

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