Shopping Centers – Trendbook 2019

„Trendbook 2019. Shopping centers” is a thorough analysis of the commercial space market, prepared in cooperation with experts: Małgorzata Dziubińska and Paweł Partyka, from Cushman & Wakefield.

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Why shopping malls? Because here, in our opinion, a lot will happen. The shopping mall market is changing right before our eyes, but a real revolution is still ahead of us!


In Trendbook, in cooperation with Sotrender and SentiOne, we have developed a comparative report of shopping center profiles on social media, which analyzes online communication. In turn, the ways to build engaging senses communication are described by experts invited to cooperate: Paul Tkaczyk, Igor Galazkiewicz, Julia Izmalkowa, Wieslaw Bartkowski, Luke Mikolajczak and Witold Janczynski.

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„Trendbook 2019. Shopping centers” prepared by the Skivak Team in cooperation with experts is the story of the shopping mall market, shopping habits and engaging communication.

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